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Precision conservation—projects at the right place, the right scale, the right size, the right time, and making sure they are working—is going to redefine how landscape conservation is approached. Instead of sweeping acquisitions or all-encompassing legislation, we can use the latest high-resolution datasets to conduct advanced geospatial analysis that allows us to better target and implement on-the-ground a...

Analysis tools

Restoration Prioritization Tool

Prioritization tool for ranking watersheds for restoration and conservation based on over 200 unique metrics.

Conservation Toolbox

A suite of tools for assessing conservation and restoration value of individual parcels using datasets gathered from around the watershed.

Coastal Resiliency

Members of the Greater Baltimore Wilderness Coalition partnered to map out green infrastructure and identify opportunities to increase coastal resiliency

Stormwater BMP Prioritization

Interactive query tool for identifying opportunities to install stormwater best management practices in Prince George’s County Maryland

Data visualization

South River Federation Water Quality App

Visualizing years of water quality data captured by the South River Federation

Park Finder: Baltimore

A mobile-ready web app for location parks within 5, 10, and 15 minutes of a user’s location in Baltimore City, MD

Susquehanna River Freshwater Research Initative

A visualization of wild trout presence and absence in streams of the Susquehanna watershed in Pennsylvania.

Boater’s Guide

Follow Captain Smiths exploration of the Chesapeake Bay and its Great Rivers with the Conservancy’s newest app. Plan a trip along the John Smith Chesapeake Trail from your computer, smart phone, or tablet


While nothing beats the experience of seeing the beauty of the Chesapeake firsthand, we’ve created 15 virtual river tours along the trail, similar to Google Street View, so that you can plan your next adventure. Take a virtual tour, scope out the access site you plan to use, or just soak in the beauty from your screen with the perspective of a paddler.

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