Virtual Tours

Take a virtual tour of the John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail  from your computer or mobile device.

While nothing beats the experience of seeing the beauty of the Chesapeake firsthand, we’ve created 11 virtual river tours along the trail, similar to Google Street View, so that you can plan your next adventure. Take a virtual tour of some of the trail’s scenic rivers, scope out the access site you plan to use, or just soak in the beauty from your screen with the perspective of a paddler. Our hope is to bring you a virtual tour of the entire Chesapeake Trail made possible by our supporters and through partnerships. Read more about the technology deployed in this partnership with We hope that the virtual tour will inspire and help plan a real trip to these beautiful rivers of the Chesapeake.

Explore the Patuxent River

Explore the Elk River

Explore the James River – Courtesy of the James River Association

Explore the Nanticoke River

Explore the Northeast

Explore the Patapsco River

Explore Baltimore’s Inner Harbor on the Patapsco

Explore the Potomac

Explore Mallows Bay-Potomac River

Explore the Rappahannock River

Explore Fones Cliffs, along the Rappahannock River

Explore the Sassafras

Explore the Susquehanna River

Explore the Susquehanna River’s West Branch

Explore the York River

Explore Werowocomoco, an archaelogical site along the York River