Jessica Hammond

Conservation Coordinator

Jessica, who goes by Jessi, is the conservation coordinator for the Conservancy, increasing the capacity of land protection efforts in the Middle Chesapeake Sentinel Landscape and throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Jessi works extensively with federal, state, and NGO conservation partners to achieve land protection goals and promote the enhancement of protection efforts through the use of technology for strategic prioritization, and implementation of restoration and resilience practices into protection projects. Prior to joining the Chesapeake Conservancy, Jessi worked with The Nature Conservancy on land protection, restoration, and coastal resilience. She also worked in California’s Central Valley implementing large-scale floodplain restoration projects, and understanding how local and landscape scale factors influence restoration outcomes for a variety of metrics affecting wildlife, habitat succession, hydrologic, and geomorphic processes. Jessi is originally from Washington DC, and though her life and work have afforded her the opportunity to work in diverse geographies across the country, she is excited to return to her hometown watershed of the Chesapeake Bay, and joining the exciting team at the Chesapeake Conservancy. Outside of regular business hours Jessi can be found birdwatching, running trails with her dog Patch, paddling on the water, and adventuring or just spending time with friends and family.