High-Resolution Data

To the CIC, precision conservation means doing projects at the right place, the right scale, the right size, and the right time. This movement is redefining how landscape conservation is approached. We can use the latest high-resolution datasets to conduct geospatial analysis that allow us to better plan and implement on-the-ground restoration and conservation best management practices.

The Conservation Innovation Center works with organizations of all types and sizes, including land trusts, community watershed organizations, soil and water conservation districts, private environmental firms, and local, state, and federal agencies. No matter who we work with, we emphasize the importance of understanding each organization’s unique challenges and designing customized solutions. We strive to help our partners integrate geospatial data and analyses into their work to effectively overcome these challenges. In addition to developing new products, we also conduct hands-on training, host workshops, and create customized user’s guides.

Featured: Chesapeake Bay High-Resolution Land Cover Project

For 10 months, analysts worked to produce one-meter resolution land cover data for approximately 100,000 square miles of land in and surrounding the Chesapeake Bay watershed. This new classification provides 900 times the amount of information as conventional 30-meter resolution land cover data.

High-resolution data generation

Imagery analysis

The CIC translates raw aerial and satellite imagery into usable data that can categorize the landscape, and help make decisions about where and how to work.

Lidar processing

Elevation data enables us to see the landscape in three dimensions, lending to a more precise understanding of how an area may be impacted by development or restoration.

Data cleaning and processing

Whether it’s land cover, water quality data, or fish survey counts, clean, accurate data enables an organization to analyze the best available information when making decisions.

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